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VRACE is Perth’s only full-motion racing hub based in the heart of Osborne Park. Our simulators offer 6 Degrees of Freedom allowing the most realistic movement possible.

Paired with our class leading VR goggles, professional grade wheel and pedals it creates the closest experience to driving a real race car without the consequences or cost! Race like a pro and experience the future!

30 Minute Session

30 Minute session on one of our 6DOF full-motions simulators


1 Hour Session

1 Hour session on one of our 6DOF full-motion simulators (up to 2 players per booking)


2 Hour Session

2 Hour session on one of our 6DOF full-motion simulators (up to 2 players per booking)


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum age?

Minimum age requirements are 6 years+

What is the Minimum/Maximum height for the simulators?

Minimum Height = 120cm

Maximum Height = 200cm

What platforms are VRACE using?

Primarily we use Project Cars 2 & Automobilista 2, as these are more user friendly when we link the Sims together.
But we also have Assetto Corsa & Assetto Corsa Competitizone that can be used.

If you have your “own” iRacing account, you can also log in & use our Sims.

What hardware do the simulators utilise?

We are using:

  • Fanatec DD1 Podium Wheelbase, with Fanatec Podium R300 D type wheel and Podium Advanced Paddle Module.
  • HP Reverb VR Headsets
  • 2070 GeForce Super Graphics
  • Intel i7 10700KF CPU
  • 16GB Ram

How much does it cost to use the simulators?

$59 for 30mins per Sim

$99 for 60mins per Sim

Can we race against others?

Yes, once you have a practice using the full-motion & VR, we will link the simulators together so that you can race your friends/family/work colleagues & even the AI (computer)

Do you do Parties/Corporate Bookings?

Yes, we can accommodate parties &/or corporate bookings.

Please contact us at: [email protected] with details of your planned event (date, time, number of people) & we will get back to you.

Are there any employment opportunities at VRACE?

Yes, we are currently looking for casual staff.
If you are available to work evenings, weekends & school holidays, then please send your expression of Interest along with your current resume to: [email protected]

You must have a keen interest in Motorsport, awesome customer service & basic computer skills.

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Experience the best in simulator racing, offering a fully-immersive VR experience
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Our Details

Arrive 15 minutes early for the safety briefing and racing intro.

A: 440 Scarborough Beach Rd, Osborne Park WA 6017