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Simulator Experience

Experience The Best In Simulator Racing

VRACE is Perth’s only full-motion racing hub based in the heart of Osborne Park. Our simulators offer 6 Degrees of Freedom allowing the most realistic movement possible.

Paired with our class leading VR goggles, professional grade wheel and pedals it creates the closest experience to driving a real race car without the consequences or cost! Race like a pro and experience the future!

30 Minute Session

30 Minute session on one of our 6DOF full-motions simulators



1 Hour session on one of our 6DOF full-motion simulators (up to 2 players per booking)



2 Hour session on one of our 6DOF full-motion simulators (up to 2 players per booking)



Purchase a gift card for any one of our exciting experiences above to send to a friend or a loved one. Just choose how long and select “Buy gift card”.

FROM $59

Kids Parties

VRACE for kids’ parties is an exhilarating experience that combines virtual reality and racing thrills.

With immersive headsets and motion-sensitive controls, kids can race through vibrant tracks, perform daring maneuvers, and compete with friends in a virtual world. It’s a safe and exciting way to entertain young speed enthusiasts while sparking their imagination and fostering friendly competition. Get ready for high-speed fun and unforgettable memories at your next kids’ party with VRACE!

Corporate Events

Elevate your corporate events with VRACE, an innovative and engaging experience that brings excitement to your team.

With cutting-edge virtual reality technology, participants can step into the driver’s seat, feel the adrenaline rush, and race against colleagues on virtual tracks. It promotes teamwork, friendly competition, and a sense of achievement. Whether it’s a team-building activity or an entertaining break, VRACE adds a dynamic and unforgettable element to your corporate event, leaving everyone energized and talking about the experience long after it’s over. Accelerate your event’s success with VRACE!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum age?

Minimum age requirements are 6 years+

What is the Minimum/Maximum height for the simulators?

Minimum Height = 120cm

Maximum Height = 200cm

What platforms are VRACE using?

Primarily we use Project Cars 2 & Automobilista 2, as these are more user friendly when we link the Sims together.
But we also have Assetto Corsa & Assetto Corsa Competitizone that can be used.

If you have your “own” iRacing account, you can also log in & use our Sims.

What hardware do the simulators utilise?

We are using:

  • Fanatec DD1 Podium Wheelbase, with Fanatec Podium R300 D type wheel and Podium Advanced Paddle Module.
  • HP Reverb VR Headsets
  • 2070 GeForce Super Graphics
  • Intel i7 10700KF CPU
  • 16GB Ram

How much does it cost to use the simulators?

$59 for 30mins per Sim

$99 for 60mins per Sim

Can we race against others?

Yes, once you have a practice using the full-motion & VR, we will link the simulators together so that you can race your friends/family/work colleagues & even the AI (computer)

Do you do Parties/Corporate Bookings?

Yes, we can accommodate parties &/or corporate bookings.

Please contact us at: info@vrace.local with details of your planned event (date, time, number of people) & we will get back to you.

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120 Hector St W, Osborne Park WA
Opening Hours

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 11 am–6 pm
Wednesday: 11 am–6 pm
Thursday: 11 am–8 pm
Friday: 11 am–8 pm
Saturday: 9 am–9 pm
Sunday: 10 am–5 pm